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Wow, this blog has been dead for most of the year! Didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted here. There have been a lot of changes for me this year (new house, new job, two new cats). I have been very busy working on great stuff as a NASA subcontractor working with Ruby on Rails and Clojure, but I have still been keeping up with iOS development.

I went to a great iOSDevCampDC this year and heard some interesting talks. I also went to Clojure conj and caught up with the state of the art in Clojure.

As I mentioned, I started a new job (back in Old Town Alexandria!) and I have begun posting in the blog there. Two articles should be of particular interest: Efficient Delegation using the Objective C Reflection API and Comparing Sprite Kit Physics to Direct Box2D along with a followup – Update: Comparing Sprite Kit Physics and Direct Box2D Simulation Times. These three posts are related to work I have been doing porting Gemini to Sprite Kit, or more accurately, providing Lua bindings for Sprite Kit.

Speaking of Gemini, I have had some interesting queries related to it. Nothing to talk about yet, but I’ll post something here if anything happens.